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I can’t say enough about this spot. It will now be a must stop in whenever we come to Boston. Loved it!!! My sons also liked the cargos and wings!

Anthony M. / Yelp

Holly crab this was amazing! Loved the style of the seafood being put in bags and brought to the table and given gloves to eat with your hand.

Frank P. / Facebook

One cannot be too critical of reviewing a place like this. This place is phenomenal. It is exactly what it says it is! A seafood boil joint with fresh seafood. I mentioned to friends of mine that I was going and then told me I’d love it. I did!

Nandanie S. / Yelp

My mother and I had the Dungeness crab, snow crab, and shrimp and OMG, it was delicious! The mild, garlic and butter sauce was #everything S/O to our awesome server, Su Min!

Nikiya J. / Facebook

Very cool place! It’s modern, with good music playing and sports channel on. I’ve been craving crawfish and this was one of the few places I could find that made it. The seafood was definitely fresh and at a reasonable price.

Yulia V. / Yelp

One of the best restaurants in Boston I’ve been to in the past couple of years.
Eating in a restaurant isn’t just about consuming food – it’s the whole package: the ambiance, the people, the experience and of course, in the end, the food.

In-sung K. / Facebook