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Best food ever!!! I had the snow crab and shrimp with garlic sauce extra spicy and I must say I have never enjoyed crab or shrimp as much as this. The wife had the lobster with garlic sauce mild and she says hands down the best lobster she has ever had.

Steven K. / Yelp

Wonderful staff with the same amazing food as the Allston location. Had the Dungeness crab clam and crawfish tonight and boy did it hit the spot. Manesine was attentive and never left my glass empty. They did a very good job with this location; feels very cozy. I will be back next time I’m around town.

Rich T. / Yelp

Absolutely loved this restaurant! Best crawfish And the seasoning is perfect! It is a little messy so don’t wear anything that you don’t want to get stained. This is a fun delicious meal that will definitely not disappoint!

Megan M. / Yelp

The food was served hot and with all the utensils needed to properly eat the meal.  Server was attentive and pleasant. Clean tables and dining area. Would reommend the Dungeoness Crab meal.

Henry G. / Facebook

5 stars because you guys are awesome. If you’re allergic to shellfish or ANY type of seafood, you OBVIOUSLY shouldn’t go to a restaurant that MAINLY serves shellfish… it’s common sense.

Amy D. / Yelp

I love this place… I got the shrimp and clam combo with the medium garlic sauce.  It was amazing.  There was a lot more food in front of me than I had imagined.  The atmosphere is very casual and friendly.  They gave us bibs and gloves to eat with.  It was so much fun and delicious to just dig in with your hands!  We are definitely going back!

Marie B. / Yelp